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The Office of Undergraduate Education

Ensuring Student Success

The coronavirus pandemic forced a reevaluation of all eight initiatives of the University’s strategic plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good.

Abigail Panter, the senior associate dean for undergraduate education, spoke to The Well about Strategic Initiative 2: Strengthen Student Success and how the University is preparing all students to become leaders in their fields and improve the quality of life for all.

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Research & Evaluation

Program Evaluation

How do we evaluate student-centered initiatives in higher education that are designed to provide innovative programs, teaching practices, and services?

  • Student Cohort Programs: Chancellor’s Science Scholars, Summer Bridge, Lookout Scholars
  • General Education for All Undergraduates: IDEAs In Action
  • Curricular Emphases in Teaching: KEEN Entrepreneurial Engineering, Course-Based Research Experiences, Making

Data Visualization and Dashboards

How do we provide faculty, staff, and administrators with information so they can easily detect trends in participation rates and performance to improve student success?

  • Inclusive Teaching: My Course Analytics Dashboard
  • How Are Students Performing: Grades Dashboard For Program Leaders
  • Who Are Our Students: Academic Department Profiles
  • Thrive Hubs for Advising: How Can Advisors Easily See How Their Students Are Doing?

Innovative Methodological Directions

How can we harness state-of-the-art data analytic approaches to improve measures of teaching effectiveness?

  • Open-Ended Comments in Student Evaluations of Teaching: Natural Language Processing
  • Quantitative Ratings in Student Evaluations of Teaching: Psychometric Analyses
  • Belonging and Inclusion in Courses: Psychometric Analyses
  • The Finish Line Project: Randomized Controlled Trials


How can the curricula be informed and improved with assessment efforts?

  • High Structure Active Learning: Multiple Methods of Assessment
  • Benefits of Showing Up: UNC Check-in App
  • Math Pathways: Quantitative Offerings In General Education


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The Townsend Program

The Townsend Program for Education Research supports faculty members in the College of Arts & Sciences at UNC in engaging in reflective practices and pedagogical research by providing consultation and professional development for faculty members who seek to engage in educational research or the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). The program supports this work in the form of a Fellowship and dissemination funds.

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