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About the Townsend Program


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a national leader among research universities in state – of – the – art pedagogy and learning in post-secondary education. Specifically, College faculty members:

  1. generate new knowledge and practice in pedagogy, course design and assessment;
  2. integrate state-of-the-art knowledge from current literature on innovative pedagogy into the classroom; and
  3. disseminate this knowledge through conferences, scholarly publications and requests received from colleagues at peer institutions.

In large part, the University’s national place as a leader in this area comes from faculty members’ scholarship on the teaching and learning conducted in the College of Arts and Sciences.

These successes are enhanced by supporting faculty members whose scholarship is focused on understanding how students learn through the Townsend Program for Education Research . With dedicated time and a coordinator to facilitate their efforts, faculty could work on projects on pedagogical innovation in their respective disciplines and disseminate their findings.

Viji Sathy


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Viji Sathy

Program Director